Green Funerals

Environmentally Friendly Funeral and Cremation Services

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Why a Green Funeral?

A Green funeral or cremation helps to protect the environment and create a more sustainable planet for future generations. 

Melbourne Green Funerals are funeral directors that operate in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 

In our environmentally friendly funeral services, 

  • We use coffins made from reclaimed wood and solid, durable recycled cardboard, 
  • This avoids the deforestation that may be caused by felling trees to provide materials for coffins,
  • We have cremation urns available made from recycled materials which are completely biodegradable. 

A unique aspect of our work at Melbourne Green Funerals is that we offset both cremations and burials with a 

Carbon Neutral Program

  • We calculate the carbon emissions per burial or cremation and we offset these to neutralise the carbon footprint for each burial and cremation,
  • Carbon offsets include contributions to reforestation and investment in wind farms and other renewable energy. 

Our Green funeral services are also generally less expensive compared to standard funerals provided by the larger companies, and are much more personal. 

A Local, Family Business

We are a Melbourne-owned, family business. Our caring staff really listen to our clients and their families and will work with you to style a memorable, personal funeral. 

From simple touches such as displaying personal photographs, to services created around a favourite hobby or pastime, our funerals can reflect any aspect of a person's life and personality. 

Our funerals are also completely inclusive of all religious traditions, Church denominations, multicultural practices and non-religious funeral services. We have experienced funeral directors available throughout Melbourne - eastern, southern, western and northern suburbs. 

For more information, please call Bradley on 0423 643 766. 

Funeral and Cremation Costs

Clients and families are sometimes reluctant to ask "How much does a funeral cost?" 

Melbourne Green Funerals provides all inclusive pricing listed below. Our Green funerals are generally more affordable than ordinary funerals provided by many of the larger companies. 

Sustainable Direct Cremation - including Cremation Fee, Eco-Coffin, Medical Certificates, Transfers and Death Certificate.
Sustainable Direct Cremation cost - paid prior $3,350, 14 days after $4,350. 

Full Service Green Funeral – including Transfers, Eco-Coffin, Mortuary care, Funeral notice in Herald-Sun, Certified Medical Certificate, Flowers, Celebrant, Chapel Hire, Cremation Fee, Application and Payment of Fees for Death Certificate.
Full Service Green Funeral with Cremation price - paid prior $5,350, 14 days after $6,350.