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Introducing Melbourne Green Funerals

Melbourne Green Funerals are funeral directors that specialise in Green, Carbon Neutral funerals and cremations. 

We understand that each individual can only be responsible for their own actions in life and for their legacy left to their children, community and environment. 

A Green funeral can be part of this legacy ensuring that a funeral makes a positive impact on families, communities and the environment. 

Our funerals include coffins made from recycled wood and solid, durable recycled cardboard. Cremation urns made from eco-friendly materials are also available. 


Carbon Neutral Program for Burials and Cremations

We offset both burials and cremations with a Carbon Neutral program. 

We calculate the carbon emissions per burial or cremation and we offset these to neutralise the carbon footprint for each burial or cremation that Melbourne Green Funerals provides for our clients. 

Carbon offsets include contributions to reforestation and investment in wind farms both in Australia and internationally.

Carbon Neutral funerals and cremations are a standard product that Melbourne Green Funerals offers to clients at no additional cost.


Melbourne Funeral Directors, All Suburbs

We are a Melbourne-owned business and have coverage in all Melbourne suburbs including Ashburton, Burwood, Hawthorn, Glen Waverley, Murrumbeena, Ormond, Preston, and Williamstown. 

Our Melbourne Funeral Directors really focus on the needs and wishes of our clients and their families when planning and presenting Green, Carbon Neutral funerals and cremations. We will work with you to create your vision of your ideal environmentally friendly funeral. 

Please call us on mobile: 0423 643 766 for more information.